The Samuels Group advocates on behalf of the community

The construction or renovation of a government facility involves many stakeholders. Building consensus among county board members and taxpayers requires a strategic plan and consistent communication to help them capture the vision and embrace the possibilities.

Because of The Samuels Group’s comprehensive pre-referendum services, you can be assured that when voting day comes around, everyone will be fully informed and understand the value that a new or renovated facility can provide to the community.

Ensuring referendum questions are understood by voters


  • Interviewing key stakeholders to establish project goals and facilitate committees
  • Conducting a funding analysis and review
  • Creating preliminary estimates, schedules and a strategic plan
  • Working with architect to create visuals and fly-through demonstrations to help voters envision their new facility 
  • Assisting with fundraising (as needed)
  • Ensuring that referendum questions are clearly stated and understood by voters
  • And more
Developing and executing a detailed communication plan


  • Developing and executing a detailed communication plan to educate the community about all aspects of the project
  • Creating a project-specific website
  • Establishing a social media presence to create awareness around the proposed project
  • Paid advertising
  • Educational materials (e.g., news releases, mailers, informational packets, etc.)
  • Consultation for conducting media interviews
  • Coordination of open house and groundbreaking ceremonies
  • Participation in forums, events, speaking engagements, and networking opportunities 
  • And more

For projects that require a referendum vote, The Samuels Group helps build bridges by advocating on your behalf and that of the community. We’re there to guide you through the entire process and help educate and inform taxpayers so they can make informed decisions.