Building Our Future: Kaia Glenn Participates in WALLECA

Kaia Glenn ImageThe Samuels Group’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Kaia Glenn, recently volunteered as a staff member for WALLECA (Wisconsin American Legion Law Enforcement Career Academy). Glenn is a US Army Veteran stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and a 23-year member of the Wisconsin American Legion, Mighty District 2, Post 82, Port Washington. 

“As part of the WALLECA staff, we are there to support, guide, and encourage the cadets,” says Glenn. “This could be from teaching them how to make their beds with hospital corners, administering a band-aid, cheering them on the sideline as they run in the physical readiness testing, or offering emotional support when a class topic is too intense.”

law enforcement trainingWALLECA is an Americanism program of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin, designed for junior and senior high school Students to learn and get first-hand experience in the operations of law enforcement agencies. This is the fifth Law Enforcement Career Academy and Glenn’s second time volunteering. WALLECA aims to prepare the future generations of law enforcement, by offering training to help build future qualified candidates entering the field. It is a rigorous program consisting of physical training, marching, ethics, sensitive crimes, drug/OWI enforcement, firearms, legal processes, team building activities, and many other aspects of law enforcement.

DSC_0507“Mentoring youth has always been near and dear to my heart. The WALLECA program is like none other, giving our young people an eyewitness account of what our law enforcement endures every day,” says Glenn. “The greatest moment to me is graduation day. To see the remarkable transformation of each young man and young woman from the day they were dropped off to receiving their diploma. They came as individuals, they formed/worked as a team, and returned as noble citizens to our communities.”

The Samuels Group supports the professional and personal accomplishments of their employees. Glenn upholds our values of building relationships and community. We have worked closely with government agencies throughout the Midwest, planning and constructing government centers, law enforcement centers, and justice centers, so our organization understands the impact that law enforcement-community relationships have and is proud of Glenn’s involvement with WALLECA.

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If you know a Wisconsin junior or senior high school student considering law enforcement as a career, please visit the WALLECA Website or contact Sheri Hicks with questions at 606.745.1090. The 2023 application process is anticipated to begin in January 2023.

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