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Take 5 For a Job Well Done: Wausau West Planetarium    10/04/17

When was the last time you went to a planetarium? For us, we had the opportunity to work on one this past year!

The Wausau West Planetarium has 48 seats, a dome rotation of 12 degrees from horizontal and has a fresh, modern look. The visitor seats have ideal angles for dome viewing which allow the visitor to be completely immersed in the dome experience. The operator of the show also has the ability to keep visitors safe by using the stair nose lighting to highlight exit paths. The stair nose lighting can coordinate with the Chroma-Cove lighting system and change colors! In addition, The Samuels Group provided a new light/sound lock entrance, point of sale room, and a display case to show off the old Start Projector system.


We couldn’t wait to hear from our team on why they enjoyed working on this unique project!

Ray Dundore, Superintendent: “This project, like most of the projects I work on, gave me great pleasure in seeing the owner’s dream come true. The owner, Chris, was great to work with and was there every day. I enjoyed seeing his excitement as he watched the project transform from an old, outdated planetarium to a brand new state-of-the-art facility.

Henry Kropp, Designer: “I was excited to work on such a unique project that doesn’t come around very often and had several custom elements that all came together to create a successful project. In addition, Chris was passionate about the project which made him fun to work with!