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Take 5 For a Job Well Done: Oconto County Law Enforcement Center   10/03/17

The Samuels Group had the pleasure of working with Oconto County in assisting the County with preparing an RFP (Request For Proposal) to seek architectural and engineering services to design the new Law Enforcement Center. Our team reviewed submitted proposals, evaluated designs and served as the Construction Manager for this project. The new Oconto County Law Enforcement Center has 150 beds (expandable to 250 beds) and includes Sheriff Offices, emergency management, and EOC center.

We wanted to hear from the individuals on our team who worked so hard to make this project a success so we asked the Superintendent, Project Manager and Project Administrator what they liked the best about working on the Oconto County Law Enforcement Center, here’s what they had to say:

Tim Harmann, Superintendent: “I liked the job satisfaction that came with working on this project. Watching all of the subcontractors work together, keeping the job site safe, and seeing that the owner and city and state inspectors were happy with how the project was going. Additionally, the team lunches with the Project Manager on Thursdays were an added bonus!

Curt Schleicher, Project Manager: “What I enjoyed the most is the detail that goes into a Law Enforcement Center. You not only have to coordinate with the other trades, but you also have continuous coordination with the owner’s law enforcement team. You review with the team on how every designated space is being used. Will the space operate in an efficient manner? You have to make sure there is flow through all secure areas. It’s our job to make sure it operates per the owner’s requirements.

Megan Cyr, Project Administrator: “I enjoyed getting to know and work with the Oconto County Staff. We had fun together and I loved watching their project end with such success!”