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The Best First Step to a Successful Construction Project   07/07/14

The Samuels Group provides construction services on a variety of education, healthcare, commercial, and government projects. It doesn’t really matter the sector...clients still often have the common concern of what is the number one thing that can be done to help ensure a successful project?

“Hiring a qualified construction manager in the early stage of the project is one of the best steps to success,” says Sid Samuels, President. “This investment helps ensure maximum efficiency in the construction budget, lifetime operations and maintenance of the facility, schedule, and owner direct purchases. It also safeguards the client’s project is built according to the plans and specifications, on time, and on budget.”

A construction manager has extensive experience in community involvement meetings, design team selection, program development, bidding, BIM, coordinating/leading project meetings, communicating project progress, developing and monitoring project budgets and schedules, providing project recommendations, safety programs, record keeping, and resolving project issues. Ultimately, the construction manager offers industry expertise and manages the daily construction operations. They make decisions in the Owner’s best interest, so that the owner can focus on what they do best ~ running their business.

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Shelley Rowe

Marketing Manager