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Thinking About Hiring a Construction Manager ~ Consider These Three Things   07/01/14

A construction manager (CM) will manage every aspect of your project ranging from budgeting and scheduling to hiring subcontractors, safety, and responding to community concerns. This person ultimately becomes an extension of your staff, collaborating with your team to help make decisions with the Owner’s best interests in mind. They will handle a majority of the construction details so you can focus on running your daily operations. sure to pick the right construction manager for your project. Besides the obvious experience criteria, there are a few other items to consider before making your decision:

  1. Do they offer risk free services? If they do, they are confident they can complete your job as specified and within schedule and budget requirements.

  2. Do they offer pre-construction services? Pre-construction is an integral part of the construction management process as it ensures your project is built in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

  3. Will the CM services offer project cost savings to provide a return on your investment? Project stakeholders may not fully understand the value of a construction manager. So be sure the construction manager can explain how they benefit your project and how they will save the project money. Often, these savings will pay for the construction management fees.

A construction manager will play a big role in your project and hiring the right fit is crucial to its success. With a little research and a few recommendations, you are well on your way to hiring the right CM to manage and build your ideal project.

Kurt Berner

Vice President