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Take 5 For a Job Well Done: Howard Young Medical Center    10/05/17

We love working with Howard Young Medical Center and are currently working to remodel their existing Emergency Department and Rehabilitation Center to increase functionality and update their historic building with high end finishes.

The Emergency Department includes new casework, flooring, and paint in the exam rooms. Additionally, the waiting room and reception areas will be remodeled to fix line of sight issues and increase security.

The Rehabilitation Center project includes a full gut and remodel to increase functionality. Furthermore, the remodel includes adding an entrance vestibule and reconstructing the exterior canopy.

We have a great team on this project and look forward to our continued work with Howard Young and Ascension! Make sure to keep checking our website portfolio for updated photos! (

Jason Rank, Superintendent: “I really liked working in the Northwoods on this project. I also knew the building really well which made it easier to find and get stuff done. The Howard Young staff were all excellent to work with and willing to help out in any way to make the project easier. It was also super rewarding seeing how appreciative the Howard Young staff were when we finished the project.”

Craig Frieders, Project Manager: “I enjoyed visiting the Northwoods and working with the Howard Young/Ascension staff collectively throughout this project. Being in a smaller community, it feels like everyone in the surrounding area really cares and is intrigued by the work we continue to do there.”

Amber Bliese, Project Administrator: “The ownership and user groups at Howard Young are always great to work with, not only do they care about their projects because they live in the area and use the facilities, they are always helpful and understanding when it comes time for construction. They are able to work with our staff on site to complete projects effectively and efficiently.”